Social Responsibility


At Insuga Chaco S.A., we are aware of our environment, and we actively collaborate with the institutions within the communities close to the surrounding areas of our company.

We are involved in a variety of activities, ranging from efforts to improve the facilities of schools and libraries to the distribution of books, school supplies and food for school cafeterias. It is essential that we contribute to the development of the community and the place where our company is located.

Most recent donations


  • Nursery School Jardín de Infantes N° 51 España – 05-2018: Refined bovine fat.
  • Elementary school EEP N° 167 Manuel Lainez – 05-2018: Refined bovine fat.
  • Tierra de Prosperidad Church 08-2018: Refined bovine fat.
  • Elementary school EEP 392 Cruce Viejo – 2018-2019: Powdered milk and sugar.
  •  Madre Teresa de Calcuta Soup Kitchen – Chaco Ravines – Christmas 2020: raw material to make sweet bread. Three Kings Day 2021: candy